Quality Assurance

In an attempt to maintain our high standards, we constantly monitor and evaluate our services. We have systems and structures in place which record compliments, view points and complaints which in turn allows us to review our own practice.

In addition to this, we send out an annual ‘Quality Assurance Survey’ to all our service users and our care staff. We are aware that on some occasions, individuals may not feel that they can highlight specific problems. In view of this fact we have given service users and care staff the choice to send the forms back to us anonymously.

We welcome feedback, whether positive or negative. This way we can evaluate the services we provide and maintain our high standards.

We constantly monitor all relevant legislation and ensure our organisational policies and procedures reflect best practice.

All care staff receive ongoing supervision and appraisal sessions with their front line manager to ensure they are not experiencing any difficulties which may affect the way they carry out their duties. The supervision process is also conducted to assess the carer’s ongoing development and training needs.

On occasions the supervision may be carried our in the service user’s home. We would however ask for the service user’s permission to do so.